Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soho CRM Moves to GWTP

As you are probably aware I am currently using, and dare I say recommending using the GWTP framework, as it has a lot of built in features which are very useful to the burgeoning GWT application creators.  Basically if you want to free yourself of spaghetti code and extensive boiler plate boredom, then go GWTP, or go home ;)

So I have been using the framework extensively, often asking questions in the forum and have even been invited to contribute to the project.  Therefore I started where all responsible people should, and contributed to the much loved documentation.  Since I needed a FAQ page I created the start of one.  Now after two weeks I have learned a lot, and have the start of my CRM application in Google App Engine -

Ok. I know it looks rough.  But believe me I have been on a learning expedition which is now starting to bare a good crop.


  1. Hey, this is beginning to look really cool! Is this open source?

  2. Open source would be AWESOME. Nice site.