Monday, July 26, 2010

Objectification is not always bad.

We are like things that make our lives easier, unless the task of completion is the glory unto itself.  When it comes to GWT and JDO, a nice layer of abstraction exists already so it is easy to develop a data model and implement it in your system.  When GAE is added into the mix, which isn't really a relational database, certain nuances make the implementation just a little more complicated and so any library which helps with this operation is warmly welcomed.  The downside is that you are building your application specifically for Google App Engine, rather than any DB which implements JDO.

Luckily, I Love Google.  Google I Heart You... And so that is where Objectify steps in.  Objectify is a layer which sits on top of your objects to provide easy, get, put, delete and query operations into your Google App Engine database.  At this stage I am just promoting and highlighting this functionality but will be soon posting examples of how to use this system.

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